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The Collective Medusae, a coven of illustrators that will petrify everything in its path !

In a society where individuals are isolated, backs benting in front of their screens, it’s the desire to bring together artists and artisans that pushed Aurore Thill to create this collective, a space for exchange and sorority between its members, of creation and optimism.
To find strength in a group of women gathered by their desire to create a colorful parenthesis to this frenetic and sometimes ruthless world ; to create a utopian world, softer, to germinate new ideas, and new projects.

About the GIANT WOMEN artbox :

2 options :
☞ artbox (artzine + stickers + 3 mystery prints) = 30€
☞ For 10€ more, you get the A3 riso print in bonus !

✷ Artbox (A fully biodegradable box, designed by Aurore Thill and sent in an organic and compostable shipping bag with our logo)

✷ Artzine (size A5, 32 pages)
For our first project, we chose to explore the notion of womanhood in all its beauty, complexity and power. Our 23 illustrators each created an artwork showing their vision of the theme, and we compiled it in a book, "Giant Women".

✷ Sticker pack (5 full colour vinyl stickers - in custom branded packaging)

✷ 3 mystery prints (size A5)

✷ Riso print (size A3, sent in a protective mailing tube)
Signed and numbered by its creator, Clémence Gouy / Printed in Paris by Studio Fidèle ♡

▷ Created with love in France
▷ Delivery all around the world in biodegradable customized packaging
▷ Original creations designed by the members of Collectif Medusae